Sheep cheese courses in Italy

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Italy. sheep cheese courses
Italy. sheep cheese courses

The advantage of sheep cheese is primarily its quality and exceptional nutritional properties. The sheep milk  contains the maximum percentage of proteins and the highest level of casein. Casein is the complex chief protein found in dairy products. contains all of the essential amino acids required by our bodies to function, recommended for dietary nutrition, athlete nutrition, and so on.
Sheep milk contain about double and in some cases much more than double the amount of solids found in either goat’s and cow’s milk. Sheep milk is superior and belongs to a class of its own.

And, when produced by a pasture-based, this natural and wholesome product can be sold for a premium. The high solids content of sheep milk also means it can be frozen and stored for up to a year, still retaining good processing properties.

The sheep milk is not only extremely tasty, but, above all, is a good alternative to cow’s milk, with lower “lactose” content and has a milder taste. People who are intolerant, find they can’t digest, or simply don’t like cow or goat milk, often find that sheep’s milk products are the only dairy they can enjoy. Very often they prefer sheep’s milk to plant based alternatives. They may be using dairy free options, but are delighted to find that sheep’s milk which is still dairy, suits them.

Sheep milk cheese

Sheep were the grazing animal of choice during the Middle Ages and it was not until the 13th century that cows’ milk was used extensively in cheesemaking. The recent resurgence in the use of sheep’s milk for cheesemaking has resulted in stunning collection of cheeses, both hard and soft.

The sheep’s  milk has a more full-bodied flavor than cow’s milk and when tasted it we can realize how the flavor and aroma is more intense, creamy and tending to sweet.

Moreover, if we choose a sheep’s cheese with raw milk, a variety of complex aromas will open in your mouth, which you will not find in pasteurized dairy sheep’s cheese. Among the many foods that exist there is not one, not even wine, which can offer a range of aromatic sensations so complex and balanced at the same time.

Our class for sheep milk cheesemaking

The following is is just a short list of Italian sheep cheeses we teach in our cheese making school  for sheep cheese production :

  • Pecorino: This is an hard cheese of  sheep milk.  Sometimes called sheep milk parmesan!
  • Ricotta: The by-product of the cheese making, has pure protein without fat. Light, spongy, creamy, glorious fresh, it’s a “whey cheese”.
  • Roquefort: a sheep milk cheese with blue mold. From France, it’s famous all over the world.
  • Canestrato: this is a very tasty hard cheese made from sheep milk.
  • Caciotta: can be either semi-hard or hard cheese. It is especially delicious if made from sheep milk!