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Hands-on learning from real artisan in Italy

How to produce Italian and French cheeses

Italian school of cheesemaking


Our mission : as professionals, we teach to make real Italian and French cheeses in your homeland. Our cheese making master courses are ideal for cheese makers of all levels, from all over the world. We provide professional teaching for all PRACTICAL aspect of artisan cheese making, how to make basic, popular, tasty and very special Italian and French cheeses.

Our cheese making courses : courses are held in Italy, they take 6 full days,  teachers are Italian professional masters that run real artisan cheese making factory. NO FRILLS, no unnececessary things (i.e.  market visiting, shopping, gourmet meetings, or similar things…) you will receive just hands-on training from highly qualified instructors for questions like :

  • What kind of cheese should I start with?
  • What are the necessary ingredients?
  • What sequence i will follow for produce that cheese?
  • Will I need to buy specific equipments?

Our courses are suitable for : those who already work in production or sell high-quality cheeses, dairy farmers or those who want to build farms and produce raw milk. Investors interested in the production of cheese, and the food industry in general, investors in small and medium-sized production of high quality products : chefs, gourmets, owners of luxury restaurants, cheese producers and those who would like to become, people who want to produce something really excellent and profitable.

Why is now the best time for Italian cheese production and sell?
The demand for quality cheeses is very hight today, cheesemaking provides more added value from milk because producing cheese is much more profitable. You can add new flavor notes and varieties to your cheeses. We are the only Italian school of cheese making that teaches to produce Italian and French cheeses of the same level as produced in Italy, an excellent prospective for investors!

Our school of cheese making. Teaching guidelines

Our hands-on training is designed for groups of 5 to 8 people. The training takes place over six working days and, step by step, the students produce cheese directly under the guidance of an Italian cheese maker, with the help of a translator. You will learn directly from the trainer, expert cheese-maker from generation to generation, where every secret has been tested and refined many times. Cheese production courses are held in a cheese factory in the suburbs of Turin, in the Piedmont region (near the France border). With the assistance of one of the more expert Italian artisan cheese producers, we have developed courses with comprehensive and practical programs. Our trainer and cheese maker (signor Gianni) produces more than 30 types of Italian and French cheeses from cow, goat and sheep milk. You will learn also how to organize a farm and take care of animals directly at the farm of Gianni.
Finally, our work does not end with the last day of your training! We will help and assist you to organize the production of those cheeses that best suit your business, from the very beginning to the point of sale and distribution!
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