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cheese making courses

cheese making courses in italy
cheese making courses in italy

We can offer to professionals from all over the world our hands-on cheese making courses focused on the best methods for artisanal cheese making. You will be able to make the most exclusive and tasty Italian and French cheeses, from old traditional diary techniques, a worldwide successful business.
In a warm and friendly environment, we run our practical lessons about cheesemaking basics, smallest details, tip and tricks and much more.
We can focus the teaching on real production in our real dairyfarm, no slides nor cold theory, just reality. Our master trainer (Gianni), is working for over 30 Years in the cheese making field and is the real owner of the cheese factory, as well of the goats, the cows and the greenfields for their nutrition.

For your cheese production and sell
Cheese making courses you need are here.

You know, in the web you can find several actors who are tryng to sell something very generic, without really useful and practical informations. Most of them (in a very fashionable website), offers travel, romantic accomodation, visit farms, visit shops, visit markets, restaurants. That’s interesting for a nice trip, useless if your target is a professional guidance for your next business.

You are looking, instead, for that special one cheese, that special you saw in some gourmet shop or Italian restaurant. You would be able to make that one because you know the market can appreciate it and you can sell it with interesting revenue.
Italian cheeses like Parmigiano, Mozzarella, Taleggio for example, because you know consumers like that very much, if the quality is good like the original one.

Delovaya Italia, like no others, can teach you that traditional and artisanal cheese making of that product, with quality and taste exacly as they original.

In brief, our cheese making courses can help :

  • Small or big Private investors with a new business focused in high quality cheese making;
  • Cheese farmers who would like to change or improve their variety of products¬† with some of the best Italian and French cheeses;
  • Entrepreneurs or farmers wich already own raw ingredients (milk, wheat, flour) and are looking for begin their cheese production starting from small-medium quantity and high quality;
  • Super markets. To improve the cheese department with some new artisan selected products;
  • Restaurants and Hotels. Should be ready for new entry in their menus, with some special tasty cheeses, yoghourt, ice-creams;
  • Dairy Technologist. In our school we have some dedicated program for firms employees;

We are located in North-West of Italy, Piedmont region (Torino), where we can teach directly into our workshop. We don’t care about industrial products, only genuine, artisanal, traditional goods. A lot of small tricks, tips and info are important to be known for make real tasty cheese.¬† Every cheese machinery producers organize cheese maker courses for generic cheeses to their customers, none of them can give the artisanal experience that can make a cheese like a “Special one Italian Cheese”