Cheese making class
Program and arguments

cheese making course arguments
cheese making course arguments

The followings are just some arguments of the course program:

  • The different types of Italian and French cheeses: cow, goat, sheep, mixed with additives and with mold.
  • Other products from milk (i.e. ricotta, yogurt, ice cream and more).
  • Milk parameters for cheese production, sanitary parameters and milk quality, PH.
  • Pasteurisation.
  • How to select the right temperature¬† according to the cheese you wish to produce.
  • Cheese formation process.
  • Milk coagulation.
  • Cutting the curd with or without heating.
  • Cooking (if necessary).
  • Extraction of the cheese mass and putting it into moulds.
  • Pressing and turning.
  • Maturation (ripening).
  • Affinage/Refining parameters choice : temperature, humidity, timing.
  • Acid control in different production stages.
  • How to flip cheeses at ripening.
  • The staff of the dairy, who you need.
  • Parameters and equipment for an Italian style dairy.