Goat cheese courses in Italy

goat cheese courses

In our cheese making courses you have a great opportunity to learn how to produce dozens of varieties of goat cheese, visit our real goat farm and learn how to properly care for goats and produce high-quality milk for your cheeses.

For example, cheese types such as asiago, ricotta, roquefort, brie, camembert, primo sale, tomino, toma, robiola, croten, Beausch de Chevre, Valence, Saint-More de Tourin, Conte, GrĂ¼er, Abondanst, Raclette, Tomne, Granagnola, Granagnola, Granagna de laIce cream and lots of others.

You can see with your own eyes the Italian cheese dairy for goat cheeses and visit the goat farm! At our cheese making school you will learn how to feed goats and care for them to produce quality milk for your cheeses. You will learn how to organize a milking workshop. You will see equipment for the production of goat cheese and you will be able to practice on it for free. You will learn all the secrets from the family who have been doing this business for centuries in Italy.