Cheese making classes in Italy
The program

The program of our cheese making classes in Italy

Our cheese making courses are pretty hands-on, from milk to marketing the final cheese, learning the most hidden secrets of Italian and French artisan  producers. Directly from a family of artisans that has been decades involved in this business, learning from those who know everything about cheese handling.
You’ll make cheese with your own hands, step by step with the unparalleled  help of our master artisan. More over, you will learn the best technique of cheese refining (affinage).
Our cheese making courses are held in Italy, in the suburb of Turin (close to the border with France) directly in a real dairy farm, at the very beginning of the Alps, where traditional dairy was born and developed along several centuries.

Types of classes :

Basic cheese making classes for those who want to open a dairy for the basic production (Italian and French cheese). You will be able to learn, even if you have no experience at all (most of our students have never made cheeses before). Program include also : visit the farm (courses are held into the farm), how to care the animals and how to feed them, best ways to have raw milk, how to organize the milking workshop and milking equipment.

Advanced cheese making classes for dairy owners who want to improve the quality and range of products (fresh and seasoned cheeses, with spices and herbs, cheese with white mould, blue mould like rockfort and gorgonzola, technique of cheese refining/affinage and more.
Both programs can be included in a single one (basic +) dependind of the requests and participant level, Individual training is available on request.

The goal of the course is to training for production of Italian and French cheese : you will understand every word without strange technical terms, with a familiar translator. Minimum of theory and maximum of useful practice and info.
Most of the time will be spent working in the Italian dairy farm. You will learn not only how to produce cheeses, but also how to do it as economically as possible and how to organize storage and marketing processes. What determines the price of cheeses? How to reduce costs?

All this and much more in our small training groups.

Anyway, every aspect of the class can be personalized on demand, depending of production types and participants level.

The Program of the class

Every day lunches are included, directly inside the dairy farm, with tasty local Italian meals (a real unforgettable plus!)

Monday : How to make 7 cheeses from one cooker : “tomini, solid tomini, caciotta, ricotta ,toma, solid  primosale”. Both from cow and goat’s milk. Production and technology. Milk and its parameters necessary for the production of high-quality Italian and French cheese. Ferments and enzymes, quality and use.

Tuesday : “camembert” from both cow and goat milk, production and technology. Care in white mould cheese refining. How to slow down the  overripe of the famous “camembert”. Additives in cheese : rosemary, red pepper, saffron, origano, truffle, etc.

Wednesday :  “gorgonzola” from both cow and goat milk, production and technology. Refining for blue-mould cheeses, flipping, cheese roll, use of blue mould. Yogurt from cow and goat milk. Marketing of raw production.

Thursday : “Parmigiano” production and technology. Special conditions for refining “Parmigiano”. “Seiras” a soft Piedmontese cheese of cow and goat’s milk. Press and their use. Structure of dairy, salting, stirring, refrigerating chambers. Cheese washing, equipment for dairy.

Friday : “canestrato”soft and hard from both cow and goat milk. Production and technology of hard cheese without press, in just 14 days with excellent creamy taste!  The best organization of the cheese production, how to calculate the productions costs of your cheese. Visit our wholesale warehouse where are available for buy enzymes, fermentation, equipment, shapes, etc.

Saturday : “mozzarella” production and technology. Production and techhology for ice cream. Technology for “caciocavallo” cheese. Visit the farm, how to care the animals and how to feed them to have the best raw milk. How to organize the milking workshop and milking equipment. Wrapping, packaging and transportation of cheeses.

Courses scheduling

Next scheduled courses : March / April 2023 (tbd)

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