About the staff of the
Italian cheesemaking school

Staff of the Italian cheesemaking school

Delovaya Italia consulting services has born for meet the demand of high quality food products like Italian cheese. Many customers from abroad are seeking a way for upgrade the taste level of their food, gain a better added value, increase revenue, fidelize customers. The only response can be an artisanal production with new taste, like Italians can do, from century.
We are located in the North-West of Italy, at the very beginning of the Alps, close to the border with France. This is the Piemonte region, where a lot of different cheeses are in the local tradition, mixing Italian and French alpine cheesemaker knowledge. We can teach you this unparalleled blend for your next business.

Our main staff

Manager of Delovaya Italia consulting services. She handles contacts with customers, organizes logistics, courses, helps customers with translations, consultations and every practical aspect of the course. She lives and works in Italy since 1995 and is an expert in the production of top quality Italian products.

Manager of Delovaya italia consulting services. He has extensive experience in information technology and business management. He also participates in the organization of audio-visual support courses (recordings, videos, computer media, photo reporting, online video courses).

You can be incredibly lucky because Mr Gianni, the teacher of our courses, is a real cheese master. He is 70 years old, and all his life he produces cheese. He is a real “Cheesemaker Maestro” to improve or change the taste of the cheese like noboby else.  And you will have the opportunity to spend with our master a full immersion week, learning and make cheeses with him. Its cheeses are booked in advance from expensive gastronomy and restaurants even before production, really dozens of kinds of cheeses!
Hurry up before our maestro retires,  apply now for a course!

On request, we can organize different courses as  we are in contact with several artisan experts in other food fields like : Traditional Italian ice creams, Bakery,  Italian Cooking, Sausages and more…